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How Does e-Commerce Work In An Internet Sportsbook and Casino Operation?

Credit card processing is the first priority when running an internet betting business. A customer will use his/her credit card to make a purchase for virtual chips ("v-chips"). He/she enters their credit card number, name and address and the information is then forwarded to a payment processor for verification. A payment processor is usually a third party financial company which will provide the internet gambling (the merchant) with a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) page to use on their web site for customers to enter credit card information. The Payment Processor also verifies the credit card for authenticity and credit approval. Once approved, the transaction is then sent to a clearing house (a bank which processes the transaction). Some payment processors also serve as clearing houses as well. The funds are then sent to the bank account of the merchant from the clearing house.

Payment Processors usually charge a set fee per month or a percentage of the transaction. Considerations include: software compatibility, discount rates and offshore bank accounts. Each company has different programs, and it is worth shopping around. Keep in mind a credit card company and/or bank charges about a 2.5% fee per transaction to companies that use online credit card orders. There are also chargeback fees and other issues around merchant accounts.

In early 2001, we reported that Visa/Mastercard was "cracking down" on internet gaming credit card transactions by denying credit approval. The article can be read HERE. Denials of credit card transactions were taking place because the clearing houses were "coding" the merchants with an identification number that identified them as an internet gambling operation. The code is known as "7995" that specifically identifies known internet casinos. Once this number is seen by the clearing house computer system, the charge will be rejected altogether. Recommended reading on this is a statement by Mark MacCarthy (Sr. VP - Public Policy at VISA) on July 12, 2001 to the US House of Representatives (adobe .pdf format). On October 13, 2006, the UNLAWFUL INTERNET GAMBLING ENFORCEMENT ACT of 2006 basically requires US credit card institutions to employ this system. An important note here is that between the years 2001 and 2006 the industry tripled in size despite the "7995" (this is a very resilient industry).

On November 25, 2002, Paypal has permanently halted the online gaming transactions within its payment network.

While internet gaming revenues have been negatively affected by Paypal, Visa and Mastercard, alternative payment processing has emerged as a rapidly growing industry. Casino operators are keen to offer new payment options in order to survive. This article discusses more on the subject.

The list below is of companies believed to offer both traditional and alternative payment processing for an internet betting operation. Note that company policies change rapidly in the online payments industry:

Save your time. Fill out the START CASINO   and Payment Processors will contact you directly!
Save your time. Fill out the START CASINO   and Internet Casino Payment Processing Companies will contact you directly! (?)
2000Charge (?)
21st Century Resources Inc. (?)
Accelerate Ecommerce Site Host (?)
ACH Direct (?)
Advanced Commerce Technologies (?)
Advanced Financial Logic (?)
Advanced Infosystems (?)
Advanced Solutions (?)
Alysis Technologies (?)
Anachron (?)
Approval Payment Solutions Inc. (?)
ATM Bankcard Services (?)
Authorize.Net (?)
Automated Electronic Transfers (?)
Automated Financials Group (?)
AutoPayment.Net (?)
BankCard America Merchant Services (?) (Canada)
BillCards (?)
Billing Development Inc (?) (?)
BPP Center (?)
Business America Services (?)
Business Cashflow Solutions Inc. (?)
Business Online Specialists (?)
Capital Recovery Solutions Inc (?)
Cartio Micropayments (?) (?)
CC Bill (?)
CC Now Online Retailer (?)
CC Slide (?) (?)
Clear2Pay (?)
Commerce NTI (?)
Coulomb Ltd. (?)
Crowne Gold (Dominican Republic)
Credit Plus (?)
CyberSource (?)
DataBank (?)
DataCash Ltd (?)
Debit Cards International L.L.C (USA)
Digital Courier Technologies Inc. (?)
Direct Debit (UK)
Direct Deposit and Direct Payment Coalition (?)
E Commerce Services UK (United Kingdom)
E4X (?)
e-Bullion (USA)
eCash Services (Canada)
E-Commerce Exchange (?)
E-complish (?)
E-C-Q Payment Systems Inc. (?)
EDR Payment Services (?)
e-Gold (USA)
Electracash (?) (USA)
Electronic Payment Processing Inc. (?)
Electronic Transfer Inc. (?)
ePaymentSystems Inc. (?)
Epoch Transaction Services (?)
Eprocessing Network (?)
eRevenue (?)
Escrow Guardian (?)
Eskrowz Inc. (?)
EUDialer (?) (?)
EWallet Express (Canada)
E-xact Transactions (?)
EZCmoney (?)
First Payment (?)
The Global Billing Association (USA)
Global Net Merchant (?)
Go2Pay (?)
Gold Money (Bahamas)
GoPay Pty. Ltd (?)
H.I.R. Investments (?)
High Risk Merchant Accounts (USA)
I Trust You (?)
iAuthorizer (?)
iCardAcceptance (?)
Identitrust (UK)
India Web Developers: Payment Systems (?)
Indivos (?)
Inovaware Corp. (?)
Intellipay (?)
Internet Clearing Corporation (?)
Internet Media Solutions (?)
InternetSecure (?)
Iongate (?)
iServe (?) Inc. (?) (?)
Javien (USA) (?)
Marqisa (United Kingdom)
Membership Control Service (?)
MercanTrade (South Africa)
Merchant Accounts Pro (?) (?) (?)
MerchantOnline (?) (?)
Mid America Solutions (?)
Money Bookers (UK)
Multicards Internet Billing (?) (?)
Nerex (Ireland)
Net Pay 2K (?)
Neteller (UK)
Netgiro (?)
Oasis Technology (?)
Ogone (?)
Online Commerce Corp. (?)
Online Data Corporation (?)
Online Merchants Corporation (?)
Online Ordering & Tracking System (?)
Orbiscom (?)
OS Gold (?) (?)
Pay by Web (?)
Pay Per Net (?)
PayBot (?)
Paybutton (?) (?) (?)
PaylinX Corporation (?)
Payment Online Inc. (?)
Payment Resources International (?)
Payments in Hand (?)
Place 2 Pay (United Kingdom)
Place2pay (?)
Planet Payment (?)
Plug n Pay (?) (?)
PPV Soft Dialer (?)
Professional Charges (?)
ProNet (?)
ProPay (?)
PSiGate. (?)
PSW Billing (?)
QSI Payments (?)
RemitNet Inc. (?)
Rent to Pay (?) (?)
RichSolutions Inc. (?)
Robynn Data Systems Inc. (?)
Royal bank of Scotland (Scotland)
SafePay Payment Systems (?)
SCiNet Corporation. (?)
Secure Pay (?)
Secure Trading (?)
Secure Universal Network Billing (?)
Shared Communications Network (?)
Smart Transact ()
Solspark Inc. (?)
Strategic Profits Inc. (?)
Symbiant Worldpay (?)
Technocheck Systems (?)
The A-OK Network Inc. (?)
The Global Merchant Account Group Inc. (?)
Tieto Konts Financial System Ltd. (?)
TradeCard (?)
Trintech (?)
TrustCommerce (?)
TrustMarque (United Kingdom)
Twenty-First Century Solutions (?)
UpsPayment (?)
USA Lynx (United States)
UTM Systems (?)
V Card Pro (Latvia)
ValueLink (?)
Vantage Card Services (?)
VerifyOnline (?)
Verza Inc. (?)
Viamericas (?)
Virtual Exchange (Antigua)
Virtual Purchase Connection (?)
Virtual Swipe (?)
VirtuPass Corp. (?)
Vital Processing Services (?)
Wallet21 (?)
Web-Charge (?)
WebMetering (?)
WebMoney Transfer (?)
Webpagers Internet Service (?)
Wenchwear Easy Pay (?)
Western Union (?)
World Pay (UK)
WorldPayOnline (?)
Zoha Inc. (?)


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