How does a licensee get gamblers to come to the website?

That is the BIGGEST secret on the internet today. TRAFFIC. According to some of the internet rating services (such as Netratings), you will see who is getting the most amount of internet traffic these days (it should be no surprise to you that Google and Yahoo are at the top of the list).

But beyond name recognition, there are many creative ways to generate traffic. An internet casino operator will need to spend money advertising or bringing in traffic, and this is the determining factor of an internet casino's success. Most of the expense a company will face in this venture is marketing.

Simply listing a casino in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Alta Vista, Excite, etc. will not get the traffic required. A search in Google for "Casino" comes back with millions of web pages. A Marketing Plan is absolutely necessary for a successful internet gambling business.

Some companies contact one of the firms below to handle marketing for them. Most casinos now also do the marketing on their own. Required in the marketing plan is where the marketing firm or casino will advertise and the cost per acquisition (CPA) of new players must be watched. Every online casino now has an affiliate program. The Casino Affiliate Convention covers affiliate marketing and allows operators to meet with the webmaster affiliates. Affiliate marketing requires person to person contact for success.

There are a slew of internet marketing strategies. The most common are the following:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (known as SEO)
  • Banner advertisements
  • Sign Up Bonuses
  • E-mail campaigns and newsletters
  • Pay per click ad campaigns
  • Offline Marketing

Other things found in the industry are online site reviews and traffic exchange campaigns. Casino affiliate campaigns are now the defacto standard that all online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms and bingo operations use. This site and this site explains in much more detail about the subject. The casino affiliate convention is where gaming operators meet affiliates directly. Affiliate marketing requires person to person contact for success. Other sites to advertise a casino on can be found within the Links page as well as this article on the subject. A good domain name is essential in being successful in this business.

( Two books highly worth reading on internet marketing is Search Engine Optimization Bible 2007, by Jerri Ledford and The New Rules of Marketing and PR (2007) by David Meerman Scott

As said before, successful internet marketing strategies are a "Big Secret" and no firm gives it up easily. Usually, the Online Gambling Software Provider has marketing programs for your site (they charge for it monthly). In addition, the firms below can assist you in marketing your site.

Gambling Online Magazine


eGaming Review


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Casino marketing platforms

e Gaming ReviewUK
eGaming Review is set to grow and continue into 2003. Bringing you more than just the news, we focus on the stories behind the news, industry comment from key speakers and information on new technology that is set to drive this industry beyond its promising beginnings.
Gambling Online MagazineUSA/UK
Gambling Online Magazine is the only internationally distributed magazine which informs the player on all aspects of online wagering. Gambling Online Magazine is purchased by over 125,000 gaming enthusiasts, with a readership of well over 400,000. Please contact Eric Morris at or call (678) 594-2996
APS InteractiveSouth Africa
Cash for ClicksCanada
Casino ConsultTaiwan
Casino Times News MagazineUSA NetworkSweden
Cedar MarketingUnited Kingdom
Creative Edge EnterprisesUSA
CyberMark InternationalUSA
E Web PromoUSA
Eden AdvertisingCanada
Evergreen New MediaUSA
4 U ServersUSA
Find What.comUSA
Forward SlashSouth Africa
Ican MediaCanada
iGlobal MediaCanada
Innovatek Worldwide, Inc.USA
Internet Marketing CenterCanada
Location3 MediaUSA
Namic MarketingNew Zealand
Net BetUSA
Net Win MediaUSA
Overture (Formerly USA
Orient GamingThailand
Place For MediaCyprus
PlayStar CorpAntigua
RDM & AssociatesUSA
Red Moss MediaUSA
Rise New MediaCanada
Sheftin Gaming SolutionsCosta Rica
Shockwave MarketingUSA
Site AdsCosta Rica
Thrive MediaCanada
Virtual Marketing ConceptsCanada
Web Side StoryUSA
Webstorm MediaCanada
Winner OnlineCanada
World Tech ExchangeCanada
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Three articles on Web Marketing worth reading are

Another good site worth looking at for marketing is Casino Master for webmaster programs.


Expired Domain Names

What's in a Name? EVERYTHING. is valued at over USD $2 million because it says it all. sold for USD $ 436,000 in 1999.

The rules are:

  • 1) As Few Characters as Possible
  • 2) Have a (Dot).com name ....... at worse (Dot).net
  • 3) Easy to remember
  • 4) Themed with your casino (For example, if the name is, it should have cats all over the main page and cats everywhere)

You can register a domain name at

Save yourself some time here....ALL the casino games with a (Dot).com were taken YEARS ago (ie:,, There are MANY individuals actively looking up domain names to reserve every day. Some internet gambling companies with only one active internet betting web site may own hundreds if not thousands of gambling related domain names.

However, in some cases, people forget to renew registration for a domain name, which become known as Expired Domains and are now available for anyone to take. This is perhaps the best way to find a good domain name inexpensively. A site which lists Expired Domains is the DNS Index. (They charge a fee of $4 per month for the most recent list of names).

You can also BUY a domain name. Usually they are auctioned off. Moniker, Afternic and Great Domains are good sites to go shopping for gambling domain names. EBAY is not a recommended site for this kind of stuff.